Monthly Archives: September 2014

time flies

7 days to passing out as a 3SG, i wonder if i am ready for it. Somehow i wish i would stay as a cadet forever, free from heavy responsibilities and having to take man under me. However, some part of me is still quite excited to experience the life of being a full-fledged section commander. The experience of having appointments given during cadet days will definitely be much more different than actual ones. Looking forward to taking charge of my section. Quite keen as well to discover and explore my own abilities, how i will perform handling actual pioneers ( a.k.a troopers but in combat engineer terms).

NS life aside, trying hard to get myself running again. Recently bought a $40 sportsband (overpriced!!!) for my phone which gave me a little dose of motivation to start to run often again. Apart from that, just ran a 5km at the Army Half-Marathon and was quite surprised i could still manage a 22min 5k. Hopefully i could keep up with the routine.