Too hard on myself?

I should not listen to the voices in my head anymore. They are not true at all.

It started with telling people i am going to fail for my exams, and i ended up aceing it. Then it went on to deflecting praises that my work is good or that I am intelligent.

I am intelligent, it’s just that I am not interested but i will be soon.

I can do great things, it just my mind telling me no.

I will do something about my hair.

I will change my lifestyle.

This semester has been great for me so far. I may not have have perfected it but I have certainly learnt a lot along the way.

My typical day during study break:

Reveille 0630, Breakfast / Meditation 0630 – 0800 Subject 1 0800-1000 Subject 2 1030 – 1230 Lunch / Break 1230 – 1330 Subject 3 1400 – 1600 Subject 4 1630 – 1830 Dinner / Break 1830 – 1930 Subject 5 2000-2330 Sleep 0000

Total hours spent studying  ~ 11.5 Hours

Break / Meal times ~ 4 hours



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